Our rescue efforts are only possible through the great work of our volunteers.  We are always looking for volunteers!


As a volunteer for Where The Love Is Rescue, you are able to interact with all types of animals.  It truly is a rewarding experience.   Animals have so much love to give and to be able to help them find a forever home will definitely put a smile on your face.   The more volunteers we have the more dogs and cats we can bring to adoption events and that means more will get adopted out!


We are also always in need of foster homes.   Where The Love Is will provide everything the animal needs.  All you have to provide is the home and promise to love them until they are lucky enough to find their forever home!

Volunteer Application Form

 Start making a difference

Select all your available interests (see descriptions/details for each below) :

Feed animals and clean cages:

  • Go to the main foster house in the early morning or evening to feed each animal and provide them with fresh water

  • Take the dogs outside to get some fresh air, release some energy and have the opportunity to go to the bathroom

  • Clean each cage/kennel - replace dirty newspaper/pee pads and dirty bedding

  • This is one of the more time-consuming volunteer opportunities (depending upon how many animals we have at a given time, this could take anywhere from 3-5 hours per feeding)

  • It is required that you attend one or multiple events and get comfortable with the animals before being permitted to participate in feeding/cleaning

  • We need people for Wednesday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning consistently. 

Process adoption applications:

  • You will be the point of contact for the applicant

  • Contact applicant

  • Contact the vet/landlord (if applicable)

  • Contact personal references

  • Follow up with other volunteers for scheduling

Collect items that the rescue needs:

  • Collect blankets, newspapers or other items that are on our wishlist

  • Feel free to check out our wishlist on our website to learn more about what we need (or just ask)​

Clean the blankets, sheets and beds:

  • We have a tent set up in the yard where you can retrieve a bag of dirty blankets, sheets, or beds. This allows you to pick up a bag, wash it at your house, and drop it back off in the tent at your convenience. 

Transport animals to and from vet appointments:

  • Going to the main foster house to pick up animals prior to their vet appointment and transport to/from appointment

Host your own fundraiser:

  • Find a creative way for us to raise money for the rescue (we are always in need of funds to cover treatment for sick pets, check-ups, and vaccinations!)

Help with the phone:

  • The rescue uses a Google Phone

  • You will download the app on your phone

  • Answer calls and respond to voicemails

  • There is also a text message option for easy communication with applicants if that is what they prefer after the initial contact

  • The recipient of the call does not see your personal number