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Our organization and shelter is run solely by volunteers.  Want to join our pack?  Below are some volunteer opportunities available:

  • Caregivers – Feed animals and clean cages.  Morning, afternoon or evening spots available.

  • Dog Walkers – Afternoon spots available

  • Inventory Management - Track donated items, keep shelves stocked with supplies, order supplies, etc. 

  • Host or help with a Fundraising event 

  • Manage Pet Adoption Events

  • Do you have dog training experience? Help train newly acquired dogs.

  • Be part of our Transport team - Help with a transport coming in with new dogs (can arrive at odd hours) or help transport dogs to/from vet appointments. 

  • Volunteer Coordinator – coordinate Caregiver feeding schedules

  • Gardener – Help water and weed flowers at the shelter


Please fill out the Volunteer Application below. Once submitted, we will contact you within 7-10 business days.

Thank you for your interest and support!  We could not continue to save animals without your help!

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