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WTF? (Why The Face?)

You know the look: Saucer-sized puppy eyes and raised eyebrows. The one that turns you into a puddle of happy hormones.

Juliane Kaminski is Director of the Dog Cognition Center at the University of Portsmouth in England. She is a scientist who studies dog cognition and has been observing dogs' expressions for years to see how they use their faces to communicate. Turns out they can make more than 20 different faces.

Kaminski wanted to know if dogs use certain faces more often when humans were around. Her research proved that dogs change their facial expressions frequently when they can see their owners' faces. The most common expression? Raised eyebrows!

Kaminski and other researchers still can't say for certain that Fido is clever enough to make that expression deliberately, so they continue to study the possibility. But her research did prove something else: the dogs who raised their eyebrows and made puppy eyes at shelter visitors were the ones who were adopted faster than others.

It worked on you, didn't it?

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