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Whom do you trust with your dog?

Talking about death -- whether yours or a loved one's -- and planning for its

aftermath is never easy. We don't like to think about a future without those

we love.

Dogs don't worry too much about what’s ahead (except for where the treat

is coming from). That's why we human parents have to worry for them.

Do you have a plan for your dog should you become disabled or die? If not,

it's something you should think about.

The Where the Love Is inbox is filled daily with requests to surrender a

dog. The saddest among them are from elderly folks, or their families,

begging us to take in a dog because its owner died or is no longer able to

care for it. (WTLI adoption contract requires that any dog adopted from us

must be returned if circumstances warrant.)

Connecticut law allows for the creation of an enforceable pet trust to ensure

that an animal will not be neglected or euthanized should it outlive their

owner. The law states that an owner can designate a trust protector whose

sole duty is to act on the behalf of the animal.

Pet owners can also create a "care manual" with a description of the

specific care desired for the pet.

Dogs live in the moment and find joy in just being with us --- it's what we

love most about them. While you think about that, take a moment to think

how that change can drastically in a second should something happen to

you unexpectedly.

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