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The Dog Days of Summer

Summer may be winding down but the heat isn't! Here are some cool trips, recipes and videos to help you beat the heat – if the breeze from your dog's wagging tail isn't quite cutting it!

Cool Trips

There's nothing like an ice cream cone on a hot day! Your dog agrees! Check out these ice cream parlors and beverage shops that offer pup cups! Courtesy of Dog Friendly Finds

Dog Friendly Ice Cream Shops

Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Shops
Download PDF • 306KB

Dog Friendly Coffee Shops

Dog-friendly coffee shops
Download PDF • 115KB

Refreshing Recipe

If your furry friend is more of a couch potato you can still offer them a summer treat!

Peanut Butter-Banana Pupsicles!

32-ounce plain or Greek yogurt

1 large ripe or overripe banana (peeled)

3-4 tablespoons peanut butter (no Xylitol – it’s a natural sugar substitute that’s toxic to dogs)

Put all ingredients into a food processor. Mix well, occasionally scraping down the sides so there are no chunks of banana or peanut butter. Pour the mixture into silicon molds or 4-ounce lidded paper cups. Freeze 4 hours or more depending upon the size of your mold.

Air Conditioned Content

If the heat simply is too much to bear (remember sunny pavement can be very hot for paws), stay in the A/C and celebrate Dogust! The official birthday of rescue dogs made for some very cool content.

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