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Prepare to Protect the Whole Family

September is National Preparedness Month. It's a time to make sure you and your family are prepared for the unthinkable.

Connecticut typically avoids major natural disasters unlike other parts of the country. But while we may not experience catastrophic floods, wildfires, earthquakes or tornadoes, residents should have an emergency evacuation plan in place for their pets.

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, provides numerous downloadable documents that can be reviewed ahead of time and stored with other important documents.

The agency also recommends conducting practice drills with family members

and pets. Among the most important preparations are collaborating with neighbors in case you are unable to take your pet with you; putting together a "go bag" of pet supplies; and making sure your pet is microchipped.

If you've adopted a dog from Where the Love Is, your pet is already microchipped. (Every dog we rescue receives a thorough veterinary exam and microchip; these services are covered by the adoption fees.) These identification transponders will identify your dog if he or she gets lost during an emergency evacuation. While microchips are not global positioning systems (GPS), they can be used to identify your dog when found elsewhere.

Please take some time to review the documents on the FEMA website or do your own research. Then, be sure to prepare a plan that can save your dog and you from mutual heartbreak.

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