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Pit bulls: The "All American Dog"

Pit bull-mix Rosie is waiting for her forever home

Why do pit bulls have such a bad reputation?

According to The American Canine Temperament Test Society, pit bulls have one of the most stable temperaments, scoring almost the same as golden retrievers, making them some of the best family-oriented dogs.

October is National Pit Bull Awareness month, a movement by lovers of this breed to dispel the many negative behavior myths of pit bulls. (At Where the Love Is, it’s ALWAYS Pit Bull Awareness Month! Check out below the recent adoption of Bones and fall in love with our current resident pit bull-mix, Rosie, who is available for adoption.)

As America was developing in the years leading up to the Civil War, pit bulls became an invaluable fixture. Families who brought them from Europe used these dogs to herd sheep, guard livestock, and protect their farms against wild animals.

In addition to being very good working dogs, pit bulls were known for their loyal and loving demeanor, which earned them a prominent place as companions in families across America.

By World War I and World War II, the friendly, hard-working pit bull became known as the "All American Dog." They appeared in posters and even served as a military mascot because, like the soldiers serving overseas, they were brave and worthy of respect.

One of the most famous military dogs is Sergeant Stubby, a pit bull mix. He sneaked onto a field in New Haven, Connecticut near Yale University where troops were training for WWI. Stubby became a part of the unit and joined the soldiers in the trenches. He served for 18 months and in 17 battles, including one in which he saved his regiment from a surprise mustard gas attack. Sgt. Stubby is one of the most decorated war dogs and is the only dog to be nominated and promoted to sergeant through combat.

Sgt. Stubby in his military uniform, 1920

So what changed? Certainly not the dogs. Its a pity that pitties have had to pay the price of a few poor decisions by humans in the 1980s and 1990s and some bad PR. Public perceptions may have been clouded by misinformation, but these dogs are still the same loyal, loving, and worthy family members they have always been.

At Where the Love Is, we know just how special pit bulls are. Our loving Bones has found his forever home, but pit bull mix Rosie is still looking for her family. She's a sweet and affectionate girl with so much love to give!

This October, if you want to know "where the love is" just ask a pit bull!

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