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It's Not a Wonderful Life: A Surprise Puppy's Christmas Story

My eyes are open but everything is still dark. There’s a bow around my neck and it itches. I go to scratch it when suddenly I hear a strange sound. It’s like voices in the distance but I can’t quite make out what they’re saying, or understand for that matter.

Suddenly, everything starts to shake and a bright light explodes above my head. Things are

coming into view and I can clearly see that I’m not in a room. I’m in a box.

“A PUPPY!!!!”

The shrieks of three small children fill the air. They argue over who gets to pet me first as I leap from the box and lick their faces with delight. My tail is wagging so much I think it might fall off. I’ve never known joy like this! I finally have a forever family.


I hold my leash in my mouth begging to go for a walk. My family is arguing.

“I did it last time, you take him this time.”

“It’s cold and snowy. I don’t wanna. Can’t we just put him out in the back yard?”

I let out a little whine. It’s a plea. I want to explore my new neighborhood. But, once again I’m

sent out into the tiny back yard to do my “business” by myself. There will be no walk again



I’m playing ball in the living room. Everyone is too busy to play with me, so I’ve learned to

entertain myself. As I pounce on the ball it gets away from me and rolls down the hallway. I’m

scared to go get it because I might cross paths with the cat. We’ve never really gotten along and Slippers has been the family cat much longer than I’ve been alive. He’s made that very clear to me. We just don’t gel, but since I was a surprise we never got to meet ahead of time. He has his part of the house and I have mine, but it seems like my side gets smaller and smaller every day.


We’re going for a ride in the car! I’m so excited! I wonder where we’re going!?

Wait … I recognize this place. It’s the animal shelter where I used to live. But why are we here?

A leash is clipped to my collar and we walk inside. Maybe we’re just here just to say hi to all

those nice people who took care of me?

“It just didn’t work out,” I hear my family say before they turn and walk out the door.

No! It can’t be. They’re LEAVING me here?

My eyes grow wide as my heart breaks. Was it something I did?


It’s Christmas time again and I’m still in the shelter. I’m all grown up now, but still excited that

Santa is visiting today to take pictures with all of us. We all hope to get adopted.

I have just two wishes for Santa this year. One is to find another loving family of my own. The

second wish is that everyone who wants to adopt a shelter dog understands that it is a BIG

commitment of time, money and love.

If you’re considering surprising someone with a puppy this year, take it from me … Don’t! It’s a decision that everyone should make together. Please consider how much of a responsibility it is and if you’re ready to take that on. Then, find a pet that fits your lifestyle and your family.

Believe me, us pups will be much happier if you do!

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