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How to Protect Your Pup From a Deadly Mystery Illness

Veterinary labs in several states, including New Hampshire and Rhode

Island, are investigating a mysterious respiratory illness that can be fatal in


Dog owners are being urged to take simple precautionary steps (below) to

keep their pets healthy and avoid what might be making these animals sick.

Veterinarians are finding that once dogs contract the illness, which can

cause lasting respiratory illness and pneumonia, they don't always respond

to treatments. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, nasal or eye

discharge, or lethargy.

It is not known what causes the illness, or how to test for it. However,

veterinarians are asking dog owners not to panic. Here are a few simple

ways to ensure your dog's good health:

  • Decrease contact with other dogs;

  • Keep up to date on dog vaccinations; and

  • Make an appointment with your veterinary clinic if your dog shows

signs of respiratory illness.

With the upcoming holidays, it is also critical to make sure you pets do not

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