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Giving Circles: A Fun Way to Give Back

If you love dogs (check) and you have friends who love dogs (check, check), think about forming a "giving circle" to boost your support for Where The Love Is. It's easy...and powerful!

Circles -- sewing, knitting, literature -- have been around for hundreds of years and they remain popular around the world, offering members an opportunity to socialize and be creative.

Giving circles have caught on in recent years for similar reasons. When philanthropic-minded people join together they can make a huge impact on non-profit organizations like WTLI - more than they would as individuals. Members of a giving circle pool their resources for the cause of their choice. Instead of responding impulsively and haphazardly to a social-media campaign, giving circle members give proactively with thoughtfulness and purpose.

Here are five simple steps to create a Where the Love Is giving circle:

GATHER a group of friends, family member, or colleagues;

DISCUSS what it is about WTLI that motivates your circle;

DECIDE how much the individual donation should be and pool your funds;

DONATE your pooled donation; and then

ENGAGE with WTLI in other ways (volunteer, foster, fundraise).

For more information to start your giving circle visit

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