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Clear the Shelters

As a rescue group the best problem to have is an empty shelter. That means that all the animals in your care have found loving forever homes.

The Clear the Shelters campaign from NBC and Telemundo started as a local fundraiser in Texas when the news station wanted to see if they could find homes for all the animals up for adoption in their area on one summer Saturday. The event was a big success and in 2015 NBC decided to take the campaign nationwide.

Over the last eight years, it has only gotten bigger, growing from one Saturday to the entire month of August. In addition to adoption events, Clear the Shelters has also added a donation drive to help shelters, like Where the Love Is, care for animals year-round. Last year alone, Clear the Shelters helped 140,000 pets find homes and raised half a million dollars for shelters and rescue groups nationwide.

There is still time to help clear the shelters! In these final days of August, your donation will help WTLI care for animals in need, rescue more dogs from high-kill shelters, and show the value of a nationwide campaign to help shelter pets!

If you want to know where the love is, look no further than an empty shelter.

To donate to Where the Love Is through Clear the Shelters click here.

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