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A Furry Friend for the Final Stage

Our pets give us so much and enrich our lives in ways we may not even realize. Did you know they can also provide comfort to someone in their final stage of life?

VITAS Healthcare, which provides hospice and end-of-life care in 14 states including Connecticut, invites friendly and well-behaved pets to join their Paw Pals program.

While it may be challenging for pet parents to visit someone at the end of their life, Paw Pals can sometimes reach patients when no one else can. They offer comfort, bring back memories and provide unconditional love -- which any pet parent knows that's what they do best! Your visits can spark happy memories of other pets and create new and joyous experiences for patients.

VITAS provides training for both humans and pets on how to visit end-of-life patients. Paw Pals must be well-groomed, at least one-year-old, and have up-to-date health records. For more information visit

Your dog is great at giving love and now they can share that love while giving back to others.

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