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Need something special for Dads & Grads? Check out the amazing gift baskets in our online raffle and support your favorite animal rescue, Where The Love Is (Yes...we love you too!) We survive 100% on donations... so please give today!

Did you know rescuing a dog costs us an average of $700-$800? We pay for transport, medical care, spay/neutering, microchipping, and we make sure all shots are up to date.

 Your donation helps our animals:

  • get safely transported to our shelter (often from kill shelters in southern states)

  • receive medical care they need 

  • be cared before their adoption


Without your support, we can't help homeless, sick, or abused animals.

Please help us Keep "The Love" Alive and share this fundraising event with your friends and family.


About Our Rescue

Where the Love Is, Inc. (WTLI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue organization founded in Hamden, CT and serves communities throughout Connecticut. We are dedicated to aiding in the prevention of abuse and cruelty to animals by promoting the adoption of abandoned and unwanted pets and providing those same pets with medical attention, including spaying and neutering. We rescue, foster and adopt out our dogs and cats to loving families. The pets we rescue are often neglected, abused, sick and starving. No animal is turned away, and we ensure all pets are fed, fully vetted, are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, and receive love before they are adopted out.


Since July 2013, we have rescued and adopted out over 600 dogs and cats throughout Connecticut and beyond, most recently including animals from shelters in Texas and Georgia. Our shelter is run 100% by volunteers and donations, which means we depend on generous supporters such as yourself.

Keep "The Love" Alive

Purchase tickets to our online basket raffle fundraiser 

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