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Saving Loves

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Rescuing an animal means anything from rehoming from an abusive situation to "pulling" them from a high-skill shelter.  Many dogs at high-kill shelters have been dumped, abandoned or picked up by animal control. They have days to live, at best.


We rescue dogs by "tagging" them at a shelter, providing immediate housing and medical attention. At times, we incur hefty medical bills with certain situations. These poor pups have significant medical bills due to unfortunate circumstances. Please considering donating to our Emergency Medical Fund.


Help us save the lives of dogs. Let's show them Where the Love Is.


Mama Ruby

This sweet momma was living on the streets and hit by a car.  A Good Samaritan picked her up and her babies, and rushed them to the vet. We were asked if we could take them into our rescue.  

She is undergoing treatment at a vet in Edinburgh, Texas. The vet is working to save her leg.

Please consider donating to help us cover the cost of her medical bills.


Parvo Pups


Meet Beth (left), Jamie (middle) and Kayce (right). These three puppies were surrendered by their owner to a shelter in Texas. These puppies not only have Demodex - a parasitic mite infestation on their skin, they also suffer from Parvo - a canine parvovirus (CPV) which is a serious illness as the virus infects the small intestines, bone marrow and lymphopoietic tissues, and in some cases the heart.

The cost to treat a Parvo puppy is $1000-$1500 each puppy, and time is of the essence. The survival rate of dogs treated by a vet is 68%-92%, and most puppies that survive the first 3-4 days make a complete recovery.

Please donate to help cover the costs of Parvo treatment for Beth, Jamie & Kayce. Every dollar matters.

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